Be Nurtured by Nature


It’s very true that the simplest healing tools are the most powerful. It’s also true that these are the ones that are most often overlooked. This is especially the case when it comes to the topic of today’s blog post: nature and how you can allow it to heal/nurture you.

No matter what it is you need healing or nurturing for, these seven things straight out of nature are sure to bring you some peace and pleasure:

1. Eating organic whole foods

The food we eat makes up every cell in our body. If we want those cells to be healthy, we need to eat food that is natural, whole, and free of anything synthetic and man-made. Such as trans fats, GMO’s, bad carbs, artificial sweeteners, processed food, and high fructose corn syrup.

2. Spend time near water

If I ever have too many thoughts in my head, or my mind is occupied by troubles and overwhelmed, I find taking myself down to the water (whether it be a lake, stream, pond, anything) and allowing the serenity of being near the water alone put everything back into perspective.

3. Spend time with animals, especially dogs

If there’s one thing that never fails to lift my spirits, it’s my bulldog. He makes me more compassionate, kind, and loving. No matter what my mood or when the last time I saw him was, he is always beside himself with excitement to see and be around me. Animals are very therapeutic!

4. Exercise outside

When we exercise, we fill our bodies with freshly oxygenated air — so why not make it the best quality fresh air and suck in the outdoors? You’ll also get your Vitamin D intake!

5. Get your hands dirty

This is another reason why tending to your own organic veggie patch or herb garden is so good for you. Digging your hands into the earth will help ground you. 

6. Soak up the sun

Just as the rest of nature needs sunlight to survive and thrive, so do we. Don’t run away from it, and don’t constantly cover yourself up from it. Just make sure you’re finding a good balance. And don’t forget, ALWAYS wear your sunblock!

7. Walk barefoot on the grass or sand

David Wolfe says that one of the reasons we feel so disconnected from the earth is because we literally are — we always have shoes separating us from the ground. Make an effort to take your shoes off and ground yourself every single day, or as often as you can.