Balance Your Hunger and Satiety Hormones

Not only does excessive calorie intake cause weight gain, it can also cause you to age prematurely. Balancing your hunger and satiety hormones can help you decrease your calorie intake and stop your body from aging prematurely.

Hunger hormones slow your metabolism and increase your body fat whereas satiety hormones boost your metabolism and decrease your body fat. Hunger hormones are not bad for you, but they just need to be balanced with your satiety hormones. Unbalanced hunger and satiety hormones can cause chronic hunger, diminished energy, metabolic decline, decreased libido, and weight gain.

If you frequently consume high glycemic food (such as carbohydrates, fructose products, baked goods, sweets, and sugary drinks), your hunger-satiety system will be disrupted. Instead eat low glycemic foods such as protein, raw nuts, seeds, legumes, roots, cruciferous vegetables, tomatoes, eggplants, grasses, and green leafy vegetables. Exercise can also help balance your hunger and satiety hormones.