8 High-Sugar Foods You’re Eating Every Day

People get more sugar every day than what they realize. It’s more than just putting sugar in your coffee it’s the hidden sugars in foods that people need to be careful about.


1. Yogurt with Fruit – usually yogurt is on the good list of foods to eat but yogurt with fruit is packed with sugar.
2. Canned Soup – sugar is added as a preservative to many canned soups to extend their shelf life.
3. Salad Dressing – it’s going on a salad so it should be healthy, but just like fruit in yogurt, salad dressing is packed with sugar.
4. Tomato Sauce – sugar is often added to cut the acidic taste of tomatoes and to keep jarred sauces fresh for a longer period.
5. Bread – 2 grams of sugar per slice…look for whole wheat flour or no added sugar.
6. Granola Bars – they sound a heck of a lot healthier than they really are. It’s pretty much glorified candy bar.
7. Dried Fruit – a handful of dried cranberries can contain up to 29 grams of sugar. Look for all-natural and no sugar added options.
8. Orange Juice – drinking a glass of orange can have almost the seem amount of sugar as a glass of pop. Eat a real orange instead!