5 Self-Stoppages in Goal Achievement

5 Self-Stoppages in Goal Achievement


Words. They hold more power in your life than you might expect. The things you tell yourself inside your head, as well as the things you speak out loud. Change your words, and watch your life follow suit.

Whenever I feel the tickle of the thought “I can’t” I immediately flush it out and speak to myself out loud, “YES I CAN.” It actually helps. Think of how you might cheer on someone running a race, or encourage someone who’s tackling a challenging feat. What sorts of things do you say to them? I’m guessing things like, “You can do it!” “You’ve got this, Betty!” “Let’s go, Eric!” “Push through!” You see where I’m going with this…these are all POSITVE and MOTIVATING! Are you going to yell to your son during a race, “You’ll never succeed, Benny!” “You cannot do it!” “Just give up now!” Of course you’re not! Or at least, I sure hope not. So why do it to yourself?
Here are 10 things to stop telling yourself in relation to your goals:

1. “I’m too scared”

That’s okay! You should be! Whether big or small, tackling a goal you’ve always wanted to tackle means taking flight from your comfort zone. It is only natural to be a bit scared. Rather than letting fear chase you away, utilize it instead as a barometer to know you are on the right track to achieving something great!

Replacement words: “I’m excited and exhilarated! Wee!”

2. “I don’t have enough”

Time. Money. Experience. Certification. Knowledge. Says who? You’re the only person who can allow these types of thoughts to stop you. Instead of focusing on what you lack, focus on the resources and strengths you DO have. A goal in itself is a start.

Replacement words: “I have more than enough.”

3. “It’s too hard”

Working towards a goal requires work. Whenever something feels too hard, think about and remember WHY you’re doing it. Focus on the greater purpose. Rather than looking at it as what you have to do, look at it as what you get to do! Find pleasure in the process.

Replacement words: “Taking action is fun and inspires me to keep going!”

4. “I’m not like him/her”

The comparison trap. We sometimes believe we are not as capable or deserving as other goal setters. Rather than letting yourself feel undeserving or inadequate – twist it into motivation. Look at them as inspiration to do the same. You are the only you there is, and YOU ARE capable.

Replacement words: “I have what it takes.”

5. “I’m not ready yet”

If you are waiting for the perfect time to be/feel ‘ready’, then you will never be ready. Starting is what makes you ready. Through action you will find clarity. You will learn the next steps to take along the way. Instead of stopping when you don’t think you’re ready – remember that you will feel ready when you begin.

Replacement words: “If not now, then when?”

Whenever you find self-stoppages popping up in your head – just turn that thought on its head and view it from a newer, more positive perspective. Remember…change your words and your life will follow suit 🙂